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    Published on Mar 4, 2013
    Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    Date: 7 Mar - 4 Apr 2013

    DOOSAN Gallery Seoul is pleased to present Threshold, a solo exhibition by Jihyun Lee. As Lee’s first solo exhibition in Seoul since 2008, this exhibition presents 10 paintings and a number of drawings by the artist, including Lee’s recent works produced during her residency period at DOOSAN Residency New York in 2012. Fragments of memories floating in Jihyun Lee’s subconsciousness join real experienced spaces in her work, constructing multiple layers of narratives. Visual experiences of spaces are collected and edited as they meet personal memories, transforming into a non-visual multisensory space.

    Threshold, the title of the exhibition, refers to a space that actually exists in architecture but does not appear on the floor plan. In Lee’s work, threshold functions asa symbolic link which connects to spaces that exist somewhere in subconsciousness. Her previous works portrayed surrealistic landscapes which combined public spaces like famous art museums and cathedrals with private spaces such as the artist’s room, study and objects. In Lee’s recent works, series of images — created through the effect of association from fragmented memories and thoughts in Lee’s everyday spaces — are patterned, forming net-like beehive structures or footprints on sand banks. Also on display in the exhibition are the small drawings from Fantasma Series, which intensively demonstrate the Lee’s thought processes up to this point.